Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Snake- it's a coldblooded animal with a long limbless body, large mouth, and fork-shaped tongue, usually feeding on other animals and often with a poisonous bite
viewer- a person watching television
contestant-someone competing in a contest
insect- a small creature with no bones and a hard outer covering, 6 legs and a body divided into 3 parts
hungry-feeling or showing hunger
bored- to be uninterested
camp- to sleep outdoors in a tent
Snake - the reptile who don`t have a limbs and he move by his muscules on stomach.
Viewers - The passive observers of events or situation.
Contestant - The person, which cultivates the definite discipline of the sport and participating in the sport rivalry.
Insect - A little animal, people often want to destroy him.
Hungry - The physiological need of men, satisfied by meal
Bored - tired and irritated by the person or situation which is not interesting, interesting or funny
Camp - the stop under the naked sky for the rest