Write an ad about a lost mobile phone.
-Mention the make/model/colour
-Specify when and where you propably lost it
-Give details so people can contact you
-Say if there is a reward for finding it.

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I lost my phone - Black LG Cookie near the metro station at about 4 p.m. It's really important to me since I'm a bisnesman, because I recieve tons of important calls so if I don't answer them I may lost my job. I need it badly. If you found it, then e-mail me - [email protected] . If you give it back to me you'll get a reward!
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Mislaid mobile phone brand Nokia 6220, red. With so many had hung colored flashing light.
Probably was lost April 15 at the school. . . . If somebody has found or knows anything please let me know. Finder gets a prize to be agreed with the owner or Piotrek 3 c.
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