Hi Sarah,

How are things with you? Hope allright. In your last email you asked me about the most surprising meeting in my life. I remember one.
Do you know Steve? I used to be with him until I found out that when he was with me and with another girlfriend. I was shocked! Unfortunately I knew this girl. I became a friend with her and I told her that Steve is cheating. She believed me and we made a plan. I had a date with Steve on Friday near the French restaurant. When I and Steve were walking down the street suddenly his another girlfriend got out of a shop. Steve was quite confused. I and his ex-girlfriend broke with him and we spilled a juice on him.
I hope you like it. I have to end, because my brother wants computer. Write to me soon.

powiem szczerze ze nie jestem dobra w wymyslaniu historyjek bardziej mi tlumaczenia wychodza ; )