I think that in the future I will have a job connected with computers. I think that it is very interesting job and I have already talked with some people who work as computer experts. I want to work in telecommunication firm most – there are many free positions in this part of economy and I think that I could earn enough money working there. Besides I think that computer science is developing very fast branch of science and in a job I want to have many changes all the time – a person who does this job knows new technologies all the time, he often goes to many different training courses and he solves many different problems – I think it is a very ambitious job. I never would like to work as a workman – I think that this job is often causes health problems and it wouldn’t give me real satisfaction.

I would like to be a wet . I choose this work because I like animals.I would like help them. Mum my friend is a wet and she like this work.She speks about this work it's the best work in world.I have a dog and i going to wet with dog and i learn this work.I think it's beautyful help animals they are small and sweet.It's fun work.I could cure them to give an injection. This fantastic. peoples who are wet are very very nice and gifted they help animals because they love it. Me too
this work is superrrrrrrrrr