Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In Australia there are many interesting species of animals. A lot of Australian animals lives only in this continent. There are many unique species for example: koalas , kangaroos, Tasmanian devil, Emu, many species of parrots, reptiles and ostrich etc. On this continent there are many places of natural living conditions for many species of animals that have not yet seen the eye of a human being.
Australia is the kingdom of marsupials. Small kangaroos lives in their mother’s “bag” and they grow up there. The “bag” is called marsupium. They lives marsupium when they reach proper age- about few months. The biggest ones are 2,4 meters high.
Tasmanian devil - reaches a length of 75 cm. Has strong teeth, eats only meat.
Koala - bear is 60-80 cm in length. It leaves at eucalyptus trees and eat leaves from it. They are protected because there are not too much them.
In Australia there are many colourful parrots and huge ostrich EMU. EMU cannot fly but it runs very fast. It is not protected.

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