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Breakfast (śniadanie)
- scrambled eggs with onion
- corn flakes with milk
- toasted cheese

Dinner (obiad)
- schnitzel, potatoes, salad
- mushroom soup
- tomato soup
- broth

Tea (podwieczorek)
- ham sandwiches

- water
- coffee
- tea
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BREAKFAST / Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, coffee or tea 10,00 zł
Scrembled eggs, tea or coffee
Additions to scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, onion 3,00 zł
Extra ham, bacon or onion
Fried eggs and bacon (2 pieces), coffee or tea 12,00 zł
Fried eggs with bacon, tea or coffee
Sausages with water or kanadyjsku, mustard, ketchup, coffee or tea 12,00 zł
Sausages plain or filled with cheese, mustard, ketchup, tea or coffee
Muesli with yogurt, coffee or tea 9,00 zł
Muesli with yoghurt, tea or coffee
Cottage cheese with herbs, coffee or tea 9,00 zł
Cottage cheese with herbs, tea or coffee
Extras: bread, butter
All breakfasts are Served with bread and butter

SOUPS / Soups
Soup with a delicate pancake noodles 12 zł
Forest mushroom soup with delicate pancake noodles
Cream of red tomatoes, croutons and basil 10 zł
Tomato soup with toast and fresh Basil
Cold 10 zł
Cold yoghurt soup vegetable

Fruit juice - Bottle of 0.2 liters / 1 liter jug 5,00 zł / 15,00 zł
Juices - 0.2 liter bottle / 1 liter jug
Freshly squeezed juice (orange, grapefruit) 10,00 zł
Freshly Squeezed juices (orange or grapefruit)
Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tonic, bottle 0.2 l 5.00 zł
Mineral water jug 1 l. 10,00 zł
Mineral water - 1 liter jug
Water Drop Beskid (sparkling and still) 4,00 zł
Mineral water - bottle
Red Bull 10,00 zł
Burn 9,00 zł

nie wiem cos takiego..?! ;p ;d
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