Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
* employee: In which days do I have to work?
- employer: From Monday to Friday.
* employee: What time do I have to start?
- employer: At 8 o'clock.
* employee: What do I have to do?
- employer: You will wash the dishes in our restaurant's kitchen.
*employee: What do I have to do to get promotion?
- employer: Just work hard and learn new things.
* employee: I can cook a little. Do I have any chance to become belly-burglar?
-employer: Just go to cooking school and get the certificate, I'll surely think about it.
* employee: When I have to come for my salary?
- employer: In every first Friday of the month.
* employee: What's the payment?
- employer: I'll have to pay you $2500, and eventually extra money if you will work harder than others.
* employee: When I can start this job?
- employer: You have to be here tommorow, at 8 o'clock!