Jesteś przygnębiony z pewnego nieszczęścia które spotkało twój naród .napisz list do koleżanki ze Stanów
* napiszesz co się wydarzyło i kedy
* opiszesz swoją reakcję po tym zdarzeniu
* napiszesz jak się obecnie czujesz i czy coś się zmieniło w twoim życiu
* poproś o radę co powinieneś zrobić oraz przekaż pozdrowienia
potrzebuję to na jutro więc proszę o szybką pomoc po angielsku



Hi Lili!
At the beginning of the letter I would like to apologize to you that I wrote not so long. I wanted to share with you a terrible event that has affected Poland. This Saturday, April 10 is a plane with the president, his wife and other important persons in the country crashed in Smolensk. all of whom died. When I found out about the tragedy broke out a long time I thought about all this, and I realized what this life is fragile. Killed more than 90 people, is a great tragedy for the families of the dead, much compassion for them. I think that this event has transformed the lives of many people. me too. I appreciate the small joys.
Waiting for your reply, I hope you will tell me what to do.
I greet and kiss.
Your friend xyz
Dear Susan
I would like to tell you about aircraft disaster in Smoleńsk. This accident wad 10 April. In this disaster died president of Poland Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria and many important people in my country.
I was shocked. I didn't believe in what have happened. It was like nightmare. I didn't understand why did it happened. Although I didn't know people, who died in this disaster I was crying. I'm still sad. From that accident I realise that man's life is short and brittle. I appreciate people more.Please, tell me, what should I do now?
Your Bob