Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day , when I had the jescze 5 years I went out out of doors to to amuse oneself. When I played with ball merrily, I noticed in black, long overcoat some mister. I feared him a bit there now I continued party. When I threw ball merrily suddenly she escaped me from hands. I ran over after ball quickly, this an stood still there! I looked about there now it it was not ball.
I played on the next day with little dog, but when he appeared again this mister dog ran away. I in end said mum, but when she went out on yard ball lezała and dog calmly he sat.
Despite young age I thought: this therefore that it is not mówiłasm about this mum, będe to to tell the world her about now!
: )

ps . napisz jaką dostaniesz ocenee. : P