I would like to be a bank accountant. The bank accountant takes with money transactions, mainly credits. In this job you can earn from 2500zl to 4500zl at the beginning. Master of credit's section can earn about 5000zl. Financial director can earn about 7000zl. Person, who works for a few years and has work experience can earn (especcialy on position, which is burden with a risk) about 40 000zl. On a typical day the bank accountant takes deposits from clients, emits money, obligations and another valutable documents, he/she takes credits from another banks and give credits. The best in this job sre high wages. Very important in this job is chance for development, good work conditions, and that is not easy to lose this job. The bank accountant is respected proffession. I would like to be the bank accountant because I would like to earn a lot of money and be respected.
When I leave high school, I think I'll go to university to study fof several years. I would like to have a practice somewhere in the country to help farm animals as well as pet. I would like to tread horses and cows, sheep and pigs, hens and rabbits too. I think a good vet should be able to help all animals - pets, farm animals and zoo animals. Maybe in the future I will work in a zoo. Maybe I will get a job in a animal zoo hospital or in a local animal clinic?
I think it is a very interesting job being a vet. It can be very challenging and sometimes dangerous, for example operating on an elephant or a tiger! But when you save the life of a little kitten or a puppy it feels so good and gives you a lot of satisfaction.

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