Ułóż zdania w czasie Past Simple z wyrażeniami:
1.take an exam
2.pass an exam
3.fail an exam.
4.get a certificate
5.get a (good/bad)grade
6.get a degree(in)
7.take a test
8.take a course
9.take a lessons
10.start school or university
11.go to school or university
12.leave school or university



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Yesterday I took the exam in school.
2.I passed the Biology exam on Monday.
3.My brother failed the exam for driving licency last month.
4.My school got a certificate of KindSchool in 2006.
5. I got a bad grades from history last week, but I corrected them.
6. My sister got a degree in school from chemistry.
7. The english test was taken by me on January.
8. Michael took a driver course, last year.
9. I took a lessons yesterday.
10.Last month, each day I started school at 8am.
11.Two days ago I hadn't go to school because of my headache.
12.One person left my university, because it was too hard for her.