At the weekends I like to dance. Once a week I have dancing lessons for 3 hours. I train modern dance. I also like waching movies and going to the theatre but I like shopping the best. In the summer I like riding a bike . In winter I ski. I love concerts and shows. I like black men. They have long dicks. It turns me on.

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On Saturday i got up at 10 o'clock.i ate breakfast and i went with my friend to the park.we road bikes,eat ice-cream and have fun.at about 3 o'clock i went home and i ate dinner with my family.after it i did my homework,i watched TV and played computer games.in the evening i went to my friend's house and wathed tv with her/him.i went back home at about 8 p.m.i took shower,ate supper and than i watched a funny film.at about 10 i went to bed.on sunday i visited my grandparents all day.i ate dinner with them and played games.we went home in the eveniing.i was tired so i went to bed.