I always read books.
I'm always reading books

I take this test tube and put it on the burner for 5 minutes, then I wait until the liquid boils and add 10cc of acid.
I'm taking this test tube and putting it on the burner for 5 minutes, then I'm waiting until the liquid boils and I'm adding 10cc of acid

I go to school.
I'm going to school

I live in Warsaw
I'm living in Warsaw

The train leavs at 5
The train is leaving right now
1 4 1
Present Simple
1 I wake up every day at 7 o'clock
2 He doesn't like chocolates
3 She goes to the cinema
4 We like this school
5 I visit my family often
Present Continuous
1 I am listening music now
2 She's going to school at the moment
3 He is watching tv
4 We aren't learning now
5 I am eating pizza.
1 5 1
Present simple:
1.My father seldom goes(go)to the cinema.
2.They go (go)by tram every Saturday.
3.Julka reads (read)books every evenings.
4.My mum cooks(cook)very well.
5.I play(play)basketball

Present Coninus:
1.I am playing football now.
2You are writing leters now.
3.He is sitting an a chair.
4.IHe is learning English at present.

Nie martw się napewno dobrze.Mam 6 na półrocze nie chwaląc się.
2 4 2