Napiszcie mi krótką biografie po ANGIELSKU o Lechu Kaczyńskim.
Taką, która zajmie mniej więcej pół kartki A4 ;d
Przede wszystkim napiszcie kiedy się urodził itp. ale najwięcej materiału opiszcie jak dążył by być prezydentem oraz co zrobił za bycia nim. ! :P



Born in Warsaw, 18 June 1949. With a PhD in education Habilitated legal studies, education n he studied at Warsaw University (Faculty of Law and Administration). Lech Kaczynski for life was associated with anti-communist opposition, for many years cooperated with Lech Walesa.

In 2001 he became chairman of the new batch of 'Law and Justice ", which is created along with his twin brother Jaroslaw. In the years 2002 - 2005 he was President in Warsaw.

March 2005, Lech Kaczynski announced the desire to start the presidential election on behalf of the Law and Justice. In the first round of presidential elections took second place (after Donald Tusku) by 33% of the vote. However, in the last game he won backing from Radio Maryja, the Polish Peasant Party and Self-Defense, which inclined the balance in his side. Received 8 257 468 votes, representing 54.04% of voters.
December 23, 2005, was sworn in as president of the Polish Republic.
He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Warsaw University. He was a doctor of legal sciences Habilitated - specializing in labor law. Between 1977-1980 worked with the Workers' Defence Committee (KOR) and the Free Trade Unions of the Coast.

He participated in the August strike in 1980. Then he was one of the main legal experts "Solidarity". December 13, 1981, after the imposition of martial law, was interned. Released after 11 months, and soon became one of the closest associates of Lech Walesa.
He died 10/04/2010 near Smolensk in the crash of the government.