Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last July me and my sister decided to go to the seaside resort Mielno with some friends . Since we didn`t have a lot of money, we wanted to make it as a cheap as possible. We were planning to stay at a campsite for two weeks. The cheapest way is to get a train to Koszalin and then a bus to Mielno. However,it is also the longest,because the train from Warsaw to Koszalin goes for the whole night and stops at many train stations on the way. We didn`t worry about that, because we thought a night on the train would be an exciting experience.
We met at the Central Train Station in Warsaw at half past nine and went to buy the tickets. We didn`t pay for the seats, because it was more expensive than buying just the tickets. We got on the the train,but there were no empty seats. We had to stand in the corridor. After half an hour we sat on the floor, but it was very uncomfortable. We had a lot of luggage with us, which blocked the passage. People were stepping on us when they were going to the toilet. We didn`tgo to sleep because it was impossible in these conditions, so we started telling jokes, laughing and singing songs. Somebody who had a seat in the compartment next to us got annoyed and called the ticket inspector. She came and told us that if we weren`t quiet,she wouldtell us to leave the train at the next station. We decided to lower our voices, because our bags wrer too heavy to move somewhere else. After another hour we were quiet and fed up with this journey.
We arrived in Koszalin at half past six. We had to find the bus to Mielno. We were tried to sleepy. Our rucksacks seemed to weigh twice as much as they did the night before. When we finally arrived at the campsite we didn`t have the strenght to put up our tents,so we just laid down on the beach and sleptfor a few hours. Fortunately,it didn`t rain on that day :)
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