1.Ułóż 6 zdań o tym co musisz robić w tygodniu.użyj czasowników.:get up, go to bed, do my homework , study , visit , help mum/dad ,read, play,speak , learn,
przykład: I have to get up at 6.30 a.m from Monday to Friday.
2.Napisz 4 prawdziwe zdania o tym , czego nie musisz robić w czasie wakacji.przykład:
I don't have to get up early
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i must get up early
i must go to bed very early because i must get up early
i must do my homework
i must study every day
i must help my my for cleaning rooms
i must read many books.


i don't have to do my homework
i don't have to go to school
i don't have to study
i don't have to go to bed very early
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In the weeks I get up early.
I go to bed at 10 p.m.
I always do my homework.
He is studiest Computer Sience.
Yesterday he first visited his uncle for 2 years.
I am on the weekends I help my mother with the housework.
I am reading a book.
I am playing a viola lesson.
I can speak English.
I learning a biology.

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