Witam , mam do zrobienia pewną pracę domową . Co prawda ja muszę to nagrać , a was proszę tylko o napisanie .
Kompletnie nie mam pomysłu jak i nie jestem wybitnie uzdolniony z angielskiego.

Zadanie polega na tym by zrobić reklamę o jakimś wybranym lub zmyślonym przedmiocie.
W reklamie musi być :
-nazwa przedmiotu
- jak wygląda / z czego jest zrobiony
-do czego przeznaczony / dla kogo
-jak działa

Dla przykładu podaję reklamę z książki od angola :

Terrifying rat

This original, life-sized, rubber rat is just what you need to frighten your family and friends . Its horrid, furry, grey body, its shiny, red eyes, its long, dark tail and fast movement all make this nasty animal look very realistic. Powered by a battery, the rat id controlled by a small radio. With a maximum range of 50 feet, you can watch as the rat runs around at the touch of a button. It has been designed with a frightening face, sharp teeth and bright eyes that glow red when it moves. Enjoy hours of fun at home or at the office, frightening anyone that comes in its way. And what's more, you get all this fantastic fun for the bargain price of only 19.99 !



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Washingable mobile phone!

Do You like Water? I'm sure You do. But does Your mobile phone like it too? Undoubtly not. How many times it swam or by mistake was pulled to washingmachine? Here's a solution. Mobile phone, which can dive up to 50 metres! It's not a joke! The phone is equiped with LED light all over it and when it's underwater, it sends continous light signals! From now on You'll never panic, when it falls into the water. In fact, it will be even great experience. Don't wait. Just type the number 1-700-WATERPHONE and become happy diver sending underwater mms!