What would you prefer ? Choose options and explain your answers.
I'd prefer to be rich because I'd like to buy a big house

1be people/rich
2 be an actor/ be a writer
3visit the USA / visit Africa
4 get a motorbike/get a car
5 work with people/work with animals



1. I'd prefer to be rich because I could help some poor people that don't have water or food.
2. I'd prefer to be an actor because I like drama and I think I can preform in front of people.
3. I'd prefer to visit Africa to help the poor children without homes and conditions to live
4. I'd rather to get a motorbike because I like wind in my hair.
5. I'd prefer to work with animals because I think they are Human's best friends.
4 5 4
1.I'd prefer to be rich becouse I can buy what I want.
2.I'd prefer to be an writer becouse I can write what I want to say when no one want to listening.
3.I'd prefer visit in Africa becouse I'd like to know how live people witouth TV and internet.
4.I'd prefer to get a car becouse it's bigger.
5.I'd prefer to work with animals becouse they are nicer.
1 1 1