UŁÓŻ WYRAZY WE WŁAŚCIWEJ KOLEJNOŚCI:::::your a boat can sister sail? can great make a omelette I ? tennies I can t Rosie and play. watch match the can we football? much banana are milkshakes the how? how a chocolate cream much is ice? ride a well bike very I can t. are how the cones much double? zad 2 uzupełnij każdą luke jednym slowem.Pip is clever.She......play chess very well.How.....are the ice cream?Can....draw?.....Icant........much is a milkshake?........Ihave a drink,please?Please help her!She....swim!Please stand still!.....move!



Pip is clever
.She.is..play chess very well.How..cold.are the ice cream?Can.you draw?.Am.Icant..verry..much is a milkshake?........Ihave a drink,please?Please help her!She.likes.swim!Please stand still!.no.move!
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Can your sister sail a boat?
Can I make a great omelette?
I and Rosie can't play tennis.
Can we watch the football match?
How much milkshakes are banana?
How much icecream is a chocolate?
I can't ride a bike very well.
How much cones are double?

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