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Living in the big city, not the suburbs.

1. Meet people who come from a variety of races, languages, lifestyles, ethnic groups, and political persuasions. Meet people who span the entire economic range.
2. Availability of theaters, museums, concert halls, art galleries, etc. for broad exposure to culture.
3. Opportunities for higher education and continuing education.
4. Variety of entertainment--restaurants, sporting events, night life, parks.
5. Public transportation that does not pollute very much and that saves energy.
6. Many of the best private schools are located in big cities.
7. Shopping.
8. Transportation links (highways, bus lines, trains, ships, airplanes) to other communities.
9. Good communication (broad-band Internet, different phone services, telegraph, multiple TV & radio stations, libraries, news stands with many newspapers & magazines, book stores)

1. Crime rates in urban areas are usually higher than in suburban or rural areas.
2. Pollution
3. Little or limited access to outdoor activities (hunting, camping, hiking, skiing). However, many large cities have easy access to the ocean, large rivers, or large lakes, so boating and fishing are often available to city dwellers.
4. Public schools in large cities tend to be poor; the best public schools are usually in the suburbs. Some rural schools are also of poor quality.
5. People in rural areas more often are able to walk to work or to work at home than people in urban and suburban areas.
6. The cost of living in large cities is often very high. Many residents never have the opportunity to see theaterical productions or to attend concerts because they cannot afford them, more or less nullifying this advantage.
7. You're more likely to be able to buy healthy food in a rural area than in the city, or to grow your own.