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Easter time is the lovely Spring holiday. Before it is fourtydays Lent. I start feeling Easter on Palm Sunday when I go to the church with an amusing colourful Polish branch palm. Before Holly Week I help my Mum tidying house, cleaning windows and preparing some Easter decoration. I think, the colours of this holiday are fair green and yellow so I make a wreath from evergreen plants and Spring's flowers as daffodils. I either put tulips into vase. The most important thing is Easter egg. I like dying and painting eggs for different colours and shapes. They look like magic gigant marbels. I put them into Easter basket or on the special plate with Spring grass. In Poland we go on Holly Saturday to the church with food for blessing. I obviously put to my basket Easter eggs, sugar lamb,a slice of ham and bread, horseradish, chocolate chick, a Polish white sausage. The main meal of Easter is Easter breakfast when whole family meets together, shares the Easter eggs with wishes: Happy Easter! We serve special dishes for this meal: white borsch with eggs and white sausage, ham and of course we eat blessed food. I spend Easter Sunday with my family going for a walk, watching films or playing board games. It is not, may be, very exciting day but Easter Monday is the most crazy day in the year. Polish name of this day is Smigus - Dyngus. Everybody waters everyone especialy boys pour water on girls. I am soakwet every year. There is a lot of laugh and funny. On Easter Monday my family and me also visit relatives. Sometimes we go on a picnic or excursion. Holidays pass very quickly and I have to back to daily rutine but I will be look forward next Easter time.