Napisz po angielski co kupisz swojemu przyjacielowi na urodziny w e-mail !!

musi być też po polsku !!!

tu macie przykład tego e-mail ' a

Hi simon
I'm going to buy peter a computer game . I'm going to give him 'Virtual Volleyball'.
Why don't you give him a different game ? He likes action games too.I'm going to go shopping with my brother on saturday.Do you want to come with us ?
Laura's going to come to the party with me! I'm going to mee her on Saturday afternoon in town.
See you at school,

P.S Loook on this website ! They 've got some great games at

potrzebne mi to jest na dzisiaj ponieważ jutro mam to oddać pani bo to jest nasz projekt !!


daje naj !! ;)



Hi Tom,

Are you going to Jimm's birthday party? I want to buy him a ball,because I know he like playing football. I have some money, so I might buy him some perfumes too. But, will he like it? I don't know, so I ask you for advice.
If you haven't buy a present for him yet, you might go with me and Josh to the shopping centre on Saturday. We'll meet at 6pm near the bus-stop!

See you
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