Hi Mark!
How are you? I hope you are fine.
I am in London for two weeks and I decide to write you.I am here with my sister and uncle . Everyday I am sighsteesing and buying souvenirs.I have one question to you: Can you visti me in London?Here is fantastic. We win one free ticket to London and I want to invite you. I hope you can come to me because I miss you and I am boring without you.Pleas Send me reply or phone me.

I live in to ...
It is placed in Poland.
It deals with currently school and science. I walk for. And I be glad from my class very. Had jesta and new acquaintances on opened. I is been able to reach an agreement with them always and I can count on them in each moment. I walk on like additional studies too tennis or volley-ball beguile . My city is small count 20 thousand inhabitant near. There is picturesque region enclose from each part which lake. I be glad from my geographic site of city very. To summer equal as well as I can use with goods of nature to winter. It beguile hope that sometime you will arrive here.
I salute.