I prefer live in a city because, because life in cities ws and is always more excating, interesting and comfortable than life in a village. First of all, in cities there are a lot of places where young people and not only they, can spend free time. There is always something to do. There are cinemas, theatres, galleries. Everyone finds something for themself. It is impossible to be bored.

Secondly, in big cities there is more educial opportunities and peopl can find job easier than in a village. In big cieties there are many shop and we can do shoping quickly and easy. There are also a lot of fitness clubs, gyms, swiming-pools, wherewe can spend time in an active way.

Polish provert says: “young people must revel”. Specially for them, in cities there are discos, clubs, pubs, caffes. Big cities very often arrange concerts and we can meet a lot of interesting people on it.

But there are mony disadventages of living in a big citie: long traffic jams, pollutions, car accidents, living in stress, violence.. etc.
In spite of these disadvantages, living in a city is more interesting and never boing for me.
I prefer to live in Warsaw.
I prefer to live in Poland, because Im Polish,I love my country and nationality.