Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Makes, is travelling, is looking, usually live, are hiding, thinks, are sleeping, dont eat.

1,2 i 3 masz dobrze. W czwartym powinno być They prefers hot places. 5. The scorpions not hunting at the moment. 6. Dan having a bad day!

1. Im having
2. are spending
3. are
4. dont speak
5. communicates
6. aren't traveling
7. are staying
8. are not living

1.Is Jane visit France at the moment?
No, she isnt.
2.Does Marta live in Africa?
No, she doesn't.
3. Where is Marta stay at the moment?
She is staying in Manyara.
4. Did Marta and the guilde speak English?
Yes, they did.
5.Are the mountains gorillas live near Manyara?
No, they arent.

1. Masz dobrze.
2. 1. Dobrze
2. Dobrze
3. Dobrze
4. Yes, they are.
5. They usually live in the sea.