1.plays in a school team?.......
2.learns a foreign language?....
3.shows her work to the school?...
4.likes tired on Thurdays?....

b)napisz pytania i odpowiedzi
1.they,live,in a bungalow?
2.she,work,at home?
3.you,walk,to school?
4.he,get up ,at eight o'clock?
5.your brothers,play,basketball?
6.your cat,sleep in the kitchen?
7.you ,brush your teeth,after lunch?



A). 1. footballer
3. student or pupil or teacher
4. students
Are they live in bungalow?
Is she work at hime?
Do you walk to school?
Does he get up at 8 o'clock?
Does your brothers pays basketball?
Is your cat in the kitchen?
Will you brush your teeth after lunch>
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

1. A footballer
2. Foreigner
3. A pupil
4. A pupil


1. Do they live in a bungalow?
Yes, they do.
2. Does she work at home?
No, she doesn't.
3. Do you walk to school?
Yes, I do.
4. Does he get up at eight o'clock?
Yes, he does.
5. Do your brothers play basketball?
No, they don't.
6. Does your cat sleep in the kitchen?
Yes, it does.
7. Do you brush your teeth after lunch?
Yes, I do.