Napisz e-meila do przyjaciela który ma opisywac przestepstwo którym byłaś swiadkiem i musi zawierac te wszystkie punkty.
-co to było za przestepstwo
-kim był przestępca
-co on takiego zrobił
-kto był ofiarą
-co sie dalej działo
-czy policja ujeła sprawcę jesli tak to w jaki sposób
prosiłabym tak na 120 słów
z góry dziękuje;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Steve,
You'll never gues what happened to me yesterday! I was a witness of a bank robbery! I thought that such things happen only in movies.
I was standing in a queue in a bank in order to withdraw some money when suddenly a guy wearing a balaclava entered the bank with a gun in his hand. It was a tall and fat man in black clothes. I couldn't see his face. He pointed the gun in a young cashier and ordered us to lie down on the floor and told the cashier to give him all the money. She was trembling with fear but she managed to pack all the money into a paper bag he had given her. Then he hit her in her head with the gun and she lost her consciousness. After that he ran out of the bank. I grabbed my mobile phone and called the police. After three minutes they arrived but unfortunately it was too late. The robber escaped and they couldn't find him.
That's a story, isn't it? I hope that you'll never have to experience such things.
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