On the last day I saw him he was cold he was cold as ice sold from the shop next match cukerkami when he looked out the window where the child came to buy candy and he had no cash on the damage because he was fond of sweets when he got home he saw a black cat on the street thought that the black a cat is happiness and it was bad luck for the boy to run him until he ran out of breath wrucił garlands to the home of his father was not happy with being a boy because he has not sold a single pack of matches on the same day my father said to his son if they do not sell a single package that does not even match go home boy sat and sat until the bell struck the boy was 9 o'klock again saw a black cat and the face for him to run the course until the boy lacked the strength he had had enough and you sit down for a while knows that and so there is no need to return to home zasnoł nasempnego garlands of people they found the boy dead from the cold
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