+ it is more cheap
+ large range
+ there is often a promotion
- weak quality of products
- long queues
- long searching for products
+ W supermarkecie można wszystko znaleźć.
+ W supermarkecie jest tanio.
+ w supermarkecie jest duży wybór.

- W supermarkecie są duże kolejki.
- W supermarkecie łatwo się zgubić.
- W supermarkecie ciężko coś znaleźć.

+ In the supermarket you can find everything.
+ In the supermarket is cheap.
+ In the supermarket is a large selection.

- In large supermarket queue.
- In the supermarket it is easy to get lost.
- In the supermarket, something hard to find.

licze na najjjjj ;**

1.it was it is knowed that such products how np the investigation of meat ham - and - sausage was subjected
2.you have almost 100% certainty that product is with good date of validity

3.If you will be not satisfied from product, you can him turn to point of sale

1.it is in the products a lot of preservatives
2.it was not it is knowed from what produtów given product came into being
3.it was not it is knowed in what conditions given product came into being