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Emigration, leaving their home country, permanently or temporarily to settle abroad. Emigrants-general population, who left his native land and settle in a country. The most common causes of emigration:
1 No work in the country
2. 3rd Low Earnings The desire to continue their education abroad
3. Political Reasons
4. The desire to break out of the house - away from family, 6th Podszkolenie language
5. Tourist values.

For over two years in Poland there has been a massive wave of emigration, mainly young people to countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom. It is estimated that the Polish left more than 2 million people. Young people are most often works in London. There are pros and cons of this situation. It may seem absurd, but for people who remained in their home country was there for good, because the labor market is open before them, have a greater choice of jobs. Working in London has a great deal of interest rates among young Poles, you have to say that Pona

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Emigration is a very important issue around the world. Many people aroud the world emigrate form country to country. When Algieria was a French colony many French people emigrated there. Now Marrocans and French people emigrate to either Frnace or Morrocco. People usually use some sort of transoprt to emigrate, such us: cars, planes, trains and other means of transport.