1. Could you understand what she said?
2. There is somebody at the door. It could be Angela.
3. I could speak five languages.
4. They couldn't say that.
5. I could have saved her life.
6. You could have told me his name
7.He could have been right.
8.He could speak fluent English when he was five.
9.My grandfather could play chess very well.
10.I could smell the scent of the sea.

1.I will be able to use a computer by the end of the year.
2.People will be able to travel freely across the space one day.
3.How much money were you able to earn?
4.I was able to find the chest but I couldn't open it
5. My parents will be able to sell their house for a good price.
6. Human beings will be able to live to 1000 years.
7. I will be able to drive a car in a month's time.
8. I won't be able to do.
9.I won't be able to speak Spanish.
10. I will be albe to go to the shop.
A mogłabyś podobnie zrobić tylko że moje pytanie jest takie Ułóż 10 zdań mówiących o czynnościach które umiałem lub nie umiałem jak najszybciej mogą być krótkie