Chciałbym zeby ktos mi napisał plan(szczegółowy: ale nie musi byc) po angielsku i najlepiej z tlumaczeniem i jak to sie czyta ( ale tez nie musi byc DAje NAJJJJJ

For the first few minutes after jumping out of the plane I just fell. I had my oxygen mask and helmet, but it was very fast. My left hand was completely numb. I couldn't open the parachute because I was too high and there was not enough air.At last there was more air and I began to go more slowly and suddenly the parachute opened. My nose was bleeding, my right hand was cut, and my left hand was still very cold, but I felt better.

Then I noticed that the clouds were that the clouds were getting dark and I realised I was going into a thunerstorm. All of a sudden there was wind, rain, thunder, even hail. As I was falling, I closed my eyes to protect them from the lightning.

Slowly the weather got calmer and I was below the storm. I was probably about a hundred metres above the ground when i looked down and saw green fields and knew I was very near to landing. Then I crashed through some trees and lended on the ground. I lay there for a few seconds, cold but still conscious. Soon I was able to move my arms and legs. BY some miracle I was all right.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. parachuting (skok z spodochronem)
2. numbness of the left hand (zdrętwinie lewej ręki)
3. inability to open the parachute (brak możliwości otworzenia spadochronu)
4. open parachute (otworzenie spadochronu)
5. epistaxis (krwawnienie z nosa)
6. eclipse (zaćmienie)
7. strom (burza)
8. the end of the storm (koniec burzy)
9. landing between the trees (lądowanie pomiędzy drzewami)
10. rising from the earth (podniesienie się z ziemi)