Odpowiedz na pytania używając too much/too many lub enough

1.Tomek and Gabi are trafalgar square.It's very noisy.Gabi can't hear what tomek is saying.Why not?There's...(tu trzeba cos wpisac ale nie wiem wlasnie co:/)

2.Pedro and Carol want to go to the theatre.But they can't because the tickets are very expensive.what's the problem?They haven't got...

3.Ben has bought lots of presents for his family,but now he can't close his suitcase.Why not?He has...

4.Laura always makes mistakes when she plays computer games.why doesn't she ever win the games?she makes....

5.Greg has satellite Tv at home with 54 channels.But it's hard to choose which channel to watch.What's his problem?There are...

6.Kate and Paula need time to relax,but they work very hard and make lots of tv programmes.What's their problem?They haven't got...

Pilne!W miejsce tych kropek trzeba wpisac odpowiedzi na te zdania.Z góry dzieki za pomoc:)



5.too much
6.too much