I live with my parents in the home. House is not big. But it is very convenient and practical. At the bottom there is a basement with garage. Ground floor is a bathroom with toilet, kitchen and living room. On the first floor, we have a bedroom and bathroom with toilet. My bedroom is my favorite room in the house. My room has a balcony. Our house is located in a large garden. house has yellow walls and green roofs. I like my house. I like well.

opis domu
My familly includes 4 people: parents, me and younger my sister.
My parents are contemporeries. My father Tomasz is middle aged man. He is well-built of medium height person. He is very warm-hearted and sincere. My mother Ilona is woman in her early forties. Physically, she is slim and tall person. She is cheerful and friendly woman. My sister Jola is crazy teenager. She is 18 years old. She has good sense of humor and is easygoing person.I am the youngest member of my familly. I am energetic strong-minded girl, who knows what she wants to.
I and my familly live in beautiful small detached house in old style with balconies and terrace.We have got 3 rooms, salon designed by famous designer, big modern kitchen with big dinning room and 2 bathroom. I and my sister have got big rooms . My room is red, but her is yellow. Our parents have got their bedroom.