Hi Mike,
How's it going? Of course I'll tell you about the sports I like. My favourite on the tennis.
Tennis is a fast-paced sport that needs a lot of skill and talent. It isn't very expensive bacause all you need is a razquet and comfortable clothes. There are a lot of tennis courts in my area that are free to use, so I get to play as often as I like. I also have tennis lessons once a week after school and take part in competitions with other schools.
To me, it's very challening and safe. Maybe we'll have a match when we get together.
Take care,

Now write your email to Mike about your favourite sport (60-80 words).To ma byc na postawie przykładu :PP



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Mike!

How is going..? I hope, that very good..:) I want to tell you about my favourite sport. It`s, of course, swimming. You should be very tenacious in this sport, because they`re really, really exhausted exercises. But i like this sport, because i love swimming in water, and, of course, i like competitions. Everything you need to do this, are swimsuit, caul , oculars, and naturally strong will.
I`ve have my swimming lessons once a week, in saturdays. I really like this, because my mother was proffesional swimmer, and i think, I got it after her.
I hope, that you will go to my competitions , in next month.:)

Lookinf forward to hearing from you, Danny