Muszę napisać list po Angielsku o mojej nowej pracy (dowolnej), Musi mieć 5 akapitów.
1(akapit). Hej chcę Ci napisać o mojej nowej pracy. Pracuję w ....(jakie czynności wykonuję, czym się zajmuję)
2. Opis, np. Wstaję o 6:00 do pracy mam na 8:00 , jem śniadanie. do pracy dojeżdzam autobusem.......
3. OPisać czemu lubię tę pracę .
4.Muszą być przemyslenia o pracy.
5. Już mam :)

Jak by ktoś to umiał to z góry dziękuje :) Nie znam tego języka a muszę to zrobić gdyż mam zagrożenie, chcę dostać chociaż 3

Powinno to być coś na wzór tego:

I thought I'd drop you line to tell you i've got a brillant new job. I'm working as an estate agent for a large firm. The people are friendly and i really enjoy the work.

I get up at seven o'clock because i have to be at work by 8:30. It's not easy, i can tell you! In the mornings, i work in the office. I make appointments, talk to customers and write reports about the houses that people want t sell. I prefer the afternoons, though, because then i take people to see houses. i usually finish work at five o'clock, but i sometimes work extra hours at weekends. I don't mind, because it's an inteesing job.

I have to be very persuasive to make people interested in buying the house and i need to be confident to speak to people i don't know. It's certainly not a job for shy people! I also have to be quite organised and punctual and make sure i meet customers on time.

It's great to be able to find the perfect house for customers, and the look on people's faces when they find their dream home makes me really happy.

I hope you can visit me soon. I look forward to hearing all your news. Write soon!



Hi monika!
I want to tell you a bit about my new job. I am working at the clinic for animals named the "small plus sign". I am a veterinary surgeon, which at any time and will help every animal. I am dealing with treating animals which are ill. Yesterday for example I operated on the sick kitten which fell from a tree and for him a nail squeezed into the little hand.!
I am getting up at the sixth hour in the morning. I am eating the breakfast and I am taking the fast shower. on half past eighth I am leading children to the school, and alone to eighth I am going to work. at the work I usually have the heavy traffic. still are coming new klijęci with one's favourites. to the sixteenth hour I am working as the feeling woman veterinary surgeon. and from sixteenth thirtieth as the loving mum. I am cooking dinner for my loved children and the husband. later I am doing my homework with them. I am spending the entire afternoon with children and the husband at home. n I am putting the evening children to sleep and alone also sie I am putting.
I like this work since I love to help animals which I am also loving very much. they are so sweet and therefore I like to help them. I am not able to look at animals which they are enduring therefore I am helping exactly im.:
in the future I would like based on my previous job to open the own clinic for animals. I would name her "house for animals" and I would help animals which so much I love.

masz mam nadziejee że się podobaaa xD
staraałam sięę :P
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