Hej pomozecie.
chodzi o prezentacje po ang(3 min) o ulubionym filmie. Nalezy uwzglednic:
-Najwazniejsze(title, genre, main actors, characters, etc)
-krotko czesc filmu
-co ci sie podobalo co nie, (min ocenic 4 elementy)
-interesujace fakty
-WOuld you recommend this film to your friedns? (nie wiem co to znaczy)
- gdzie i kiedy ogladalas/es film.

Prosze o pomoc.... bo sie zalamie



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Would you recommend this film to your friedns? - czy polecasz ten film swoim przyjaciołom?

From 5th of march we can see in the cinemas a new production of tim burton, which is an adaptaction of lewis carol's book: "Alice in Wonderland".
Alice is a 19 years old girl who must decide to marry a man she doesn't love. She doesn't answer because, she follows the white rabbit down to a rabbit hole. ahe finishes in wonderland where everybody can't tell that alice is that alice who will save magic world from red queen.
In my opinion johnny depp's mad hatter is one of the best support roles i've ever seen. he plays much better than the leading actor - mia wasikowska.
If you want to see amazing scenery, the fantastic special effects and the beautiful costumes this film is for you but if you want to see a great plot you may be disappointed.