Ułóż zdania z wyrażeniami.

* endangered species
* public buildings
* to book a cabin
* solar system
* concert hall
* a two day stay
* luxury hotel
* natural harbour
* the shore of a lake
* in fact
* home to the President
* the best in the world
* to freeze to death
* to be far from sth
* full of sth
* a collection of sth
* to travel by boat / car/ plane
* to live in the countryside

Z góry dziękuję ;))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Pandas are endangered species .
2. Public buildings aren't renovated(odnowiony) .
3. Book the cabin for me on the shipboard.
4. By the solar layout are circulating (krążą ) asteroids .
5. On a concert hall will be held a ball .
6. My mum is going on a two day stay to Cracow .
7. He will be staying in the luxury hotel for a few days .
8. He is saying that there is a natural port in our country.
9. They pitched a tent on the shore of a lake.
10.In fact Anna got 5 from the English.
11. When will we tour the home to the President?
12. Chips are the best in the world.
13. In this room it is possible to freeze to death !
14. I am far from my house .
15 . This jar is full with water .
16. My friend is collecting stamps.
17. I don't like to travel by plane, I prefer to travel by car and ship.
18 . My auntie is living in the countryside .

Proszę bardzo ;P uff ^^ dużo tego :)