My room is rather big. The walls are orange, but the window and the door are brown. There is a big window in front of door. There are blue curtains in the window. Under the window there is a radiator. The desk is next to the window. There is a lamp on it. Opposite the desk there s a music system. I have got a lot of CD’s but I don’t have any favorite. There is a blue carpet on the floor(curtains are in the some color). In the middle of the room there is table. Next to the table there is a bad. In front of the table there is a bookcase and a wardrobe. They are black and grey. The table is also black and the desk is brown. Besides I have got a TV in my room. I like my room very much.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My room is in a total mess because i'm too indolent to move my bottom and clean a bit. My desk stays by the window and there's also my computer. I use it every day to chat with friends, ask others to do my homework and do nothing all the time. It's great because I get good grades just for rewriting my homework. I spend half of my time in bed watching TV or lazing around in my beautiful room. I love my room because it's so cool :)

Zrobiłam wyjątek i napisałam Wam opis pokoju, aby w kółko nie powtarzały się te same prośby. Ale teraz koniecznie dajcie znać co dostaliście aby sprawdzić czy lepiej zrobić to samemu czy prosić innych o odrobienie.
My room is big.There are pictures on blue walls. There're in my room four windows.There is a bed, next to my bed is a desk.
My bed is black-green. I like sleeping on it,becouse it's soft. There's a lamp on my desk. Next to my lamp is a screen. There is a wardrobe in my room. In wardrobe is a lot of my clothes. Near wardrobe is chest of drawers.Wardrobe and chest of drawers are brown.Red carpet is on center of room.There in my room is table and armchairs. I like sitting there with my friends.I love my room. I feel a sentiment for it. I just love it.