Describe your friend -name, age, height, build, hair, clothe( He/She usually wears...), personality (3 things and why do you thank so) Use about 11 sentenses.
Imie niech bedzie zmyslone, wiek 14 lat, wlosy ciemne, ubrania wymyslcie sami :).
No i cos personality ;d

Daje naj :)



Paula is 14. She's got long, straight, dark hair. She's medium-height about 1m65. She weighs 57 kg. She's slim. She usually wears trousers, T-shirts and many bracelets. She's so creative, her hobby is painting and sculpture. She is also very reliable because I can tell her my every secrets! Unfortunately she is really shy! She doesn't like meet new people. It's very hard for her to talk with strancers and etc.
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The person, what i want to describe is Marek Konwalia. He is 14. Him height is 173cm. He is very tall and fat. He has got long, black, wavy hairs. He usualy wears jeans and blue t-shirt, and green shoes. Also sometimes he is wearing red jumper. Marek is very helpful. He was help old woman on pedestrian crossing. Also he is very romantic. Him girlfriend was said it me. He is very inteligent too. He has got only A and B ! Marek is my the best friend.
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My friend is Marcin. He`s 14. He`s got dark hair and brown eyes. He`s well-built and very fit. He is of medium height. He usually wears trousers , t-shirts and blouses. He often wears blue trainers. He is very helpful for other. He is also friendly and honest. I think so because I always can count of him. He always help me and he is very nice person.

Mam nadzieję, że pomogłam. :d
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