Our flat has got five rooms. there are two bedrooms. Next to the bigger bedroom is the bathroom and on the other side of the batgroom is the living room . the kitchen is opposite the living room and next to the smaller bedroom.

tylko cos takiego ....
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My house is quite big. There are (liczba pokoi sypialnych) bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, (a dinning room) and a living room. I share my bedroom with my sister/ brother(Jezeli dzielisz pokój z siostrą/bratem)I have my own bedroom(Jeżeli nie dzielisz z nikim pokoju).I really like it. It's guite big and there's a big window, my bed, my desk and my stuff. My parents room is bigger than mine. They have a really big bed. My kitchen is bigger than my bedroom too. My mum cooks a lot in it. In the living room theres a TV and a sofa. There are some flowers too. My bathroom is quite small. Theres a bath and a shower there. Theres a toilet also.
I really like my house. It feels warm and nice in it.

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