Napisz w zeszycie 2 dialogi wg poniższych wskazówek . Zacznij w ten sposób :

A ; Are there any eggs ?
B ; ...

a . you want to make some ice cream . ask your friend about ; eggs, milk , cream , strawberries , sugar

b. you look in the fridge . you can see eggs , sugar and butter , but not milk , cream or strawberries



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A:Are there any eggs?
B:Yes.Here you are.
A: What about suggar?
B:I don't see....Oh! Here you are.
A:Ann, can you see butter?
B:Yes here you are.
A:What about milk?
B:No, there isn't any milk.
A:Is there a cream?
B:No, I don't see.
A:What about strawberries?
B:I'm sorry. There aren't any strawberries.
A:Can you go to the shop with me?
B:Yes, of course. But tell me, why do you need it all?
A:I want to make come ice creams.
B:OK. Let's go.
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-are there any eggs.?
-yes they are behind mil
-ok i see
-have you any cream, strawberries and sugar?
-yes i have. cream is in the fridge,strawberries and sugar are on the table
-ok thanks

-i can see some eggs, sugar und butter but i cant see any strawberries milk and cream
-i forot buy it when i was on shopping
-can you go to the town and bought some milk cream and strawberries?
-yes i can
-ok thank you.
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