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My weekend is very interesting and exiting. On SATURDAY I get up at 8 o' clock. Then I have breakfast. After that I take a shower and I prepare myself to swimming pool. After that I come back home. Sometimes I listen to some music or I play computer games. After lunch (dinner) I go to the body building gym. When I'm on my way home I usually go for a pizza. In the evening I go out with my friends to the disco or to a pub. I come back at dawn.
On Sunday I get up at 12 o'clock. Then I wait for lunch (dinner). Afterwards I go playing indoor soccer.After my homecoming I watch TV or I listen to some music till late night.
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In my the best weekend was 21 september. I was with my friends in swimming pool. We had a good time. We were a swimming and next gone to the cinema.
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my weekend is cool a lot of play on the computer a lot of counter strike and play ball in a lunch or sweets because I like them because I'm fat and I like a good nażreć and get drunk and smoke cigarettes and marijuana I like to have sex with prostitutes blonde bespoke

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