1. I often visit my aunt in summer.
2. Joan has got black hair and blue eyes.
3. Earth goes around the Sun.
4. The match starts at 10 tomorrow.
5. She gets up at 8 a.m.

1. Do you want to go to the cinema with me?
2. Does he talk to you?
3. Do we always have to be late?
4. What do you usually eat in the morning?
5. When does he leave?

1. I don't like milk.
2. Mike doesn't read books very often.
3. I don't go to work on Sundays.
4. We usually don't sing in the middle of the street.
5. She doesn't know your name.

She goes to school every day.
Mary plays computer games.
Harry likes dogs.
Peter and Kate hate cats.
I like fish.

Does Mary go to a sleepover?
Do you go to school every day?
Does Ron play a football?
Does Kate do your homework?
Do you and your friend surf a internet?

I don't do my homework.
She doesn't lern Polish.
We don't names Patryk and Karol.
Kasia doesn't eat breakfast.
Tom dosen't like rabbit.