Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The world's continually changing. The things that could be strange or unthinkable for our antecessors now are a part of our daily life and we accept them as a something totally normal. And, too, XXI's century world doesn't stop changing and developing. A man has invented new technologies and mechanisms, and his interest in things he can't reach, understand or see is growing bigger and bigger.
So, it isn't so hard to imagine and predict the future.This is how in my opinion world in 2050 will look like.

The man surely will explore a Cosmos better and it is possible that because of new vechicles he's building, he'll discover new planetes and moons.

People will live better. Their live conditions will surely improve.They'll travel faster and of course they will have a possibility to use new transport ways, that are safer and moderner. Their equipment will let them use such things like an Internet everywhere they are, and it will be full of new applications and functions.

New medicine will make a curing of cancer and other problematic and horrible disasters possible and people will live longer.

People will get more lonely. Because of such things like an Internet they can communicate without seeing each other. Their social contacts will be ruined also because they are always in hurry, trying to catch up with all works and duties.

Nature will be in danger because of numer of new factories. A room is needed for building so forests have to be cut. Nature will be more and more polluted.

The new world that future will bring sure is promising but it makes new worries and problems too. How will humankid face the matter of dying Earth and what will it do in order to save it? Will new technologies and modern ways of thinking let us have a good common sense and humane heart? We still are hearing about new wars, killing people. So many abortions and victimization on others, and the worst thing is that the society unconsiously accept it. Let's hope we don't lose our minds and work on making good things for humankid more.