• Użytkownik Zadane

I am getting up in order to sieve the watch. I am eating early stucco in order to half eight watch. I am going to the school in order to eight watch. I am having dinner in order to two watch. I am wasting time on .. net in order to three watch. I am doing the homework at four o'clock. I am washing me around the nine for watch.

I'm eat my breakfast at 8 a.m, usually I eat sandwich with cheese and cucumber and I drink tea or orange juice .
At school for mid-morning snack I eat some fruit or croissant and I drink water.
When I back at home at 14o 'clock, I eat dinner for example : potatoes whit meat and vegetables or chips with ketchup and grilled cheese, sometimes I eat soup, and I drink water or tea.
at 17o 'clock I eat sweets or vegetables :) sometimes I eat joghurt.
Evening at 8 p.m I eat some light, for example milk with cornflakes and I drink juice.