Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I think that live in 2050 will be so difrent. by 40 years many things can change ! maby people will be much more inteligent and they won't need cars .. they maby will have planes to go to work or to shop. they will buy many thing by internet becouse it will be much confortable. people won't read books , they will prefer to lisen e-books or they will read it on special computers. live will be easier but i'm not sure that people will be heapier.they won't meet their friends like they do now. they will prefer chating in internet than meeting in real live and i don't think that it will be good for they . medicine will be better than now and people will live longer. this is what i think abut it but nobody can know what will happend in the future.

sprawdz jeszcze bo mogłam popełniac literówki :)