Proszę o zadanie z angielskiego ^!!!

w zadaniu ma się znajdować : **

opisz polske po angielsku

w wypracowaniu ma byc o ludzich mitach i innych ciekawych informacji o polsce
moga tez byc zamieszczone zdjęcia ( ale nie tzeba ) . ma byc tez o historii

prosze o pomoc



Poland, officially the Republic of Poland - a country located in Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. It borders with Germany (West), Czech Republic and Slovakia (the south), Ukraine and Belarus (the east), on the north east of Lithuania and in the north with Russia (Kaliningrad). Moreover, Polish exclusive economic zone limit in the Baltic Sea bordered by zones of Denmark and Sweden. In terms of surface area occupies the 68th place in the world and ninth in Europe. In terms of population occupies the 34th place in the world. The country is divided into 16 provinces which are divided into districts and then to the village. The contractual date of establishment of the Polish state is often taken 966 years, when the ruler Mieszko I accepted Christianity. Poland became a kingdom in the year 1025, and in 1569 formed a union with Lithuania. For most of its history, the Republic of Poland was an independent state, multi-ethnic and multi-faith. The Commonwealth collapsed in 1795, when the territory was the.

Top state government falls on the first native rulers, whose names are known from media chronicle called Gallus Anonymus. The fourth of these, Mieszko is undoubtedly a historical figure, there is in fact in the contemporary written sources. For 1138 years Poland as a patrimonial monarchy was governed by kings from the Piast dynasty, who are not counting emitted juniorom districts and transitional periods behaved sharing sovereignty over the whole of its territory. Only as a result of Succession Act of Prince Boleslaw Boleslaw country for almost 200 years dzielnicowemu wrecked. Attempts to make the reunification began at the end of the thirteenth century, and eventually they were rewarded coronation of Ladislaus the Short in 1320. The Lord of the hereditary monarchy was restored Piast sovereign, but which expired after the childless death of his son, Casimir the Great in the 1370th As a result, the governments of Poland took over the Anjou (Louis I of Hungary and Hedwig), and then.