My bedroom is small. There is a red bed and grey wall. There are flowers in vase. On table here is a small lamp. In front of the table there is a window. Between my amchair and table there is small cupboard.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There is a chair. (krzesło)
There is a table. (biurko)
There are flowers. (kwiaty)
There is a window. (okno)
There is a door. (drzwi)
There is a television. (telewizor)
There is a clock. (zegar)
There is a bed. (łóżko)
There is a carpet. (dywan)
There are pillows. (poduszki)
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There is a nice flower.
There are 2 windows.
There is a blue lamp.
there is a yelow wall.
There are 2 computers and 2 tv.
There is a very big picture.
there are 2 black chairs.
there is a 1 desk.
there is a red rug with green lines.
there are 2 wardrobe with clothes.
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