napisz list po angielsku, zawierający 3 paragrafy:
twoje ostatnie wydarzenia dotyczące:
1. school
2. family news
3. free times activites.
Kazdy paragraf musi sie zaczynac od glownego zdania, ktore bedzie przestawialo to czego bedzie dotyczyc dalsza czesc paragrafu.
ok. 150 slow



School is cool place. Recently I got some good reviews. I met some new people also. Liked very much. They are interested in volleyball and basketball as ja.Często meet and play in koszykółwkę and volleyball. I also run and jump on the rope. I know it's not a sport for me, but I like him. I love the movement and I hate to dilly-dally and get bored.I also love meeting new people. I really like my friends and to sustain our knowledge of the often organize meetings. There poopowiadać what we heard from us, and certainly is not there We are bored.
Tego pierwszego nawet nie czytaj.. Masakra
Nie wiem, czy miałaś/ miałeś te czasy które użyłam, wrazie co pisz na gg 7646261


I'm writing to you because I want to tell you, what is with me in last time.
I will tell you about school, my family news and what I do in my free times.
School, there is so many fantastic things, I was scared when I had to change my school, but I didn't know that there will be so cool.
I met there so many new people, it's the beautifulest thing in my life last time.
Are family news too, so you know how is, when one thing is good next is worse, my dog died last time and all of my family is sad, I think we will think about it in the nearest future. But we got one idea how to solve the problem.
There are free times actvites, it's mean for me the best is spend time on the gim and for my family spend time in our garden.
It's make us calm down.
You have to write me white is with you, I'm wating.
A lot of kisses.